Entre Ríos

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By 1928, Entre Ríos was the fourth wine-growing region in the country: 115 wineries, 2,500 hectares of vineyards and a culture deeply rooted in the making of wine. By then, Concordia, Federación and Colonia San José were the bastions of this activity, although there were also wineries in Concepción del Uruguay and Paraná. Currently, the province has three industrial wineries: Vulliez Sermet, BordeRío and Los Aromitos. The tannat variety, representative of Entre Ríos due to its adaptability to local conditions, is not, however, the most important in terms of surface area. It is slightly surpassed by Malbec, and behind it, Merlot, leading these three in the ranking of the most important strains in the province.

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