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Salentein Winery
Los Árboles, Tunuyán, Mendoza, Argentina.

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The magnificent bodega, designed for both form and function in the shape of a cross, allows for customized gentle handling of the grapes, reducing the distance wine needs to be moved between winemaking steps.

Each of the wings is a small winery with two levels-a ground level that houses stainless steel tanks and French wooden vats for fermentation and storage, and an underground level for aging wine in oak casks. The two levels allow wine to flow from the tanks to the barrels by a traditional gravity transfer system.

The four wings converge in a circular central chamber, which resembles an amphitheater and was inspired by ancient classical temples.

The Cellar
The underground cellars are naturally maintained at a constant 12°C (53.5°F) and 80% humidity. Wine is aged in small (225-liter) French oak casks. The cellar capacity is 5,000 barrels.

Tasting Room
Beyond the functionality, the shape and materials of the bodega also honor the religious roots of the valley. Jesuit missionaries settled here in the 16th century and cultivated some of the first vineyards in the region. Salentein’s tasting room features a ceiling that has been hand-painted using colors ground from natural stone by the women of the local village.

Primus Room
Beauty and function converge once again in the Primus Room of Bodegas Salentein. Located on the ground floor of the winery at the heart of the two wings that form Salentein’s distinctive cross shape, the Primus Room is a mini winery exclusively dedicated to making Salentein’s Primus wines. The Primus Room houses 12 temperature-controlled French-oak wooden vats with a capacity of 7,600 liters each. This ´winery-within-a-winery´ concept is unique both in design and in its capacity for crafting premium wines using the highest quality equipment. As the ultimate expression of Valle de Uco mountain winegrowing, Primus wines are made only in those years when the fruit is of exceptional quality.

The Salentein estate consists of 2,000 hectares (4,942 acres), 700 hectares (1,124 acres) of which are planted to grapes in three estate “fincas”. The fincas, where grapes are grown at a range of altitudes among the highest in the world, are irrigated with pure mountain run-off, which creates lower pH in the grape, resulting in higher acidity, more color in the wine, and greater ageability. The region´s thermal amplitude ranges as much as 16°C (29°F) from daytime highs to nighttime lows.

The fincas include many diverse elevations and soils, creating varying conditions for the ripening of different varieties. The ages of plantings range from two to 32 years old. Varieties are approximately 80% red and 20% white.



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Salentein Winery
Mendoza, Argentina

Visits: Yes
Opening Hours: Yes
Wine Shop: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Lodging: Yes
Closing Days: None

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Rates include breakfast and taxes.
The hotel doesnt work with credit cards.

Opening Hours:
Check-In: 15 hs.
Check-Out: 11 hs.

Closing Days:
The hotel requires a valid credit card has guaranteed. No charges are made.

Reservation Policy:
Up to 15 days prior to arrival date no penalty will be charged.
Between 15 days prior to arrival and 24 hours the credit card will be charged one night as penalty.
No Show: The whole stay will be charged to the credit card.

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